Abandoned Joy and Ghost Towns of Future Past

The below video, titled “No Joy” by Mike Petty, began making rounds on the blogosphere several months ago, but hits especially close to home for us. The short film shows stark moving images… Continue reading

Song Versus Song–Street Hassles Edition

In Song Versus Song we take two songs that are somewhat linked (by tittle, appropriation, or theme) and let them battle for supremacy. “Street Hassle” versus “Ode To Street Hassle” Lou Reed’s curious… Continue reading

Project: Martha Marcy May Marlene… Or How I Learned That Everyone is Out To Get Me

Let’s start with that ending. The conclusion to this capital I Indie film is one of the boldest, brashest endings in recent memory. I once joked to a friend while watching that Tom… Continue reading

The Portfolio Entry #1

This recurring piece seeks to explore, examine, explain the most compelling and interesting images of the last fifty years. Some you may have seen, others will be new to you. Damon Winter is… Continue reading

New video from Mammoth Media

Our friends over at MAMMOTH MEDIA decided now that Winter has arrived, what better time to edit and upload some of the wakeboarding footage they shot this Summer on Lake Lotawana near Kansas… Continue reading

Project: Perfect Holiday Gift for the Professional Audiophile

Every year the holiday season brings a shift in mental state, from taking stock of the things and people we’re thankful for to fretting about what gifts to buy them, and how long… Continue reading


WELCOME to PROJECTOR. We’ll be covering all aspects of pop culture that appeal to us, ranging from movies and music to advertising, technology, and current events. But don’t expect too much emphasis on… Continue reading