Fire Wake With Me: David Lynch Coffee Commercials

We haven’t seen much output from David Lynch since 2006’s Inland Empire. So what has the auteur filmmaker responsible for cult classics like Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, and Miley Cyrus’ career been… Continue reading

365 Seconds, A Year Compressed

Time snippet/lapse videos are nothing new in the world of viral filmmaking, but Madeline Schitchel’s This is what Madeline did is a superb example of why the form can work so well. Stitching… Continue reading

The Mystery of Chessboxing: a review of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Far be it for me to complain about a movie being too smart, too complex, too slow, or too damn British. After all, I’m a huge fan of cool, intricate works like The… Continue reading

Cinemetrics: The Digital “Fingerprints” of Film

Cinemetrics refers to a unique process of digitally analyzing a movie’s various characteristics, and creating dynamic visual representations of the data. The creation of this new type of infographic formed the graduate thesis… Continue reading

Adwatch: Taking that Sheet All the Way to the Bank

Here’s a brilliant-dumb ad campaign we somehow missed in the past year. The product: dissolving energy strips (because who needs to chew or drink anything anymore?). The pitch: a clever play on the… Continue reading

Artist To Watch: Mikal Cronin

  Until fairly recently, Mikal Cronin’s pop-friendly chops have been relegated to the role of back-up player; as the bassist in surf-punk band the Moonhearts (formerly Charlie & the Moonhearts) and as a… Continue reading

Adwatch: BCS Championship Game edition

We don’t follow much NCAA football here at Projector, but last night we all tuned in to the BCS Championship at some point in the game. While we were glad to see Alabama… Continue reading

Brawling Down Punk Memory Lane

Today it may be a BYOB strip club,  but the small brick-and-mortar building near Lawrence, Kansas known as The Outhouse was once a DIY punk venue that hosted many of the most dangerous… Continue reading

On Pabst Blue Ribbon and Advertising

Several years ago, our hometown’s free-weekly (back when it was still published in print as the Deadwood Edition) ran an excellent cover story about the resurgence of cheap “dad beers” in the… Continue reading

Reflections on Changing Times and Our “Frozen Culture”

We’re sure you’ve had your fill of year-end lists by now. But as we transition from recapping our favorite bric-a-brac from the past year to delivering more interesting  content here at Projector, let… Continue reading