When Wes Anderson Visits Madison Avenue

Perhaps you’ve already seen Wes Anderson’s latest film, Moonrise Kingdom. If so, consider yourself lucky–  despite already having the hipster hoards salivating for its release, the film had a surprisingly limited opening last… Continue reading

Disobeying the Photographic Laws: A Comparison in Portrait Photography

Portrait photography has many functions. The most basic: to show the face and its features. The advance: to look deep into a subjects psyche and understand who they are without hearing the full… Continue reading

Adwatch: Live Mas Edition

Have you lived mas today? Taco Bell’s new campaign, complete with the ridiculous slogan to “live mas” comes across as condescending, yet it’s hard to put your finger on just why. Could be… Continue reading

In Review: Willis Earl Beal – Acousmatic Sorcery

Willis Earl Beal comes bundled with an irresistible hook: unknown musician needs to make music by whatever means necessary and maybe needs a friend… Uses shit-all to make songs, posts his phone number… Continue reading

What We Saw This Week: Friends With Kids & The Raid: Redemption

Here at Projector, we try to maintain a fair and balanced appreciation of film. If there’s one thing we like as much as a genuine romantic comedy with an intriguing twist, it’s a… Continue reading

In Review: Spiritualized – Sweet Heart Sweet Light

Most Spiritualized’s albums are both showers and growers. Showers in that they are flashy, orchestral, sweeping, long, and often too sweet and saccharine, even when covering less-than-cheerful topics like addiction and death. Growers… Continue reading

PRIME Time: A Look at One of Midtown Manhattan’s Oldest Burger Diners

This Must Be The Place is series of short films produced and directed  by Ben Wu and David Usui (Lost & Found Films) that explore the idea of home and places that function… Continue reading

Post-game Final Four Celebration on Mass St

While we here at Projector are hardly sportsmen or basketballers ourselves, we fall prey to March Madness just like everyone else.  We might not know a dunk from a duck, but even with… Continue reading

In Review: The Magnetic Fields – Love at the Bottom of the Sea

Hearing that a new Magnetic Fields album is coming out always gives me mixed feelings. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan. But their previous two albums, while plenty ambitious, were a… Continue reading

The Final KU-Missouri “Border War”

There’s not enough time before the start of KU’s second to last game of the regular season for me to go too into length about just what an emotional win Saturday’s final “Border… Continue reading