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PRIME Time: A Look at One of Midtown Manhattan’s Oldest Burger Diners

This Must Be The Place is series of short films produced and directed  by Ben Wu and David Usui (Lost & Found Films) that explore the idea of home and places that function… Continue reading

Green Britain: Ecotricity for Renewable Energy in the UK

British “Green Electricity” company Ecotricity began providing and pushing for renewable energy in 1996, with the mission to change the way electricity is made and used in Britain.  Now the company whose slogan… Continue reading

A Farewell to Kodak and Kodachrome

Eastman Kodak Company announced today that they are phasing out their digital cameras, pocket video cameras, film, and digital picture frames effective in the first half of 2012. Long known as pioneers in… Continue reading

365 Seconds, A Year Compressed

Time snippet/lapse videos are nothing new in the world of viral filmmaking, but Madeline Schitchel’s This is what Madeline did is a superb example of why the form can work so well. Stitching… Continue reading

Cinemetrics: The Digital “Fingerprints” of Film

Cinemetrics refers to a unique process of digitally analyzing a movie’s various characteristics, and creating dynamic visual representations of the data. The creation of this new type of infographic formed the graduate thesis… Continue reading

On Pabst Blue Ribbon and Advertising

Several years ago, our hometown’s free-weekly (back when it was still published in print as the Deadwood Edition) ran an excellent cover story about the resurgence of cheap “dad beers” in the… Continue reading

Harry Everett Smith: Jack of Odd Trades

Born in Portland, Oregon, Harry Everett Smith (1923 – 1991) was an American archivist, ethnomusicologist, student of anthropology, record collector, experimental filmmaker, artist, and one of the most famous bohemian mystics of his… Continue reading

Abandoned Joy and Ghost Towns of Future Past

The below video, titled “No Joy” by Mike Petty, began making rounds on the blogosphere several months ago, but hits especially close to home for us. The short film shows stark moving images… Continue reading

New video from Mammoth Media

Our friends over at MAMMOTH MEDIA decided now that Winter has arrived, what better time to edit and upload some of the wakeboarding footage they shot this Summer on Lake Lotawana near Kansas… Continue reading