Category Archive: Design–Maya Lin’s Final Memorial is the collaborative interactive component of designer and artist Maya Lin’s What is Missing? project. Previously the project featured installation pieces at specific scientific and educational institutions. These pieces arranged a plethora of… Continue reading

In Which We Applaud and Worry for SPIN Magazine

As long as we’re taking a LATE PASS on this year’s movies, allow us to do the same for the publishing industry, and address what may already be old news to some. I… Continue reading

God from the Machine, the Devil in the Details

For over 100 years, thrill-seeking individuals have found satisfaction in the motorcycle. The earliest models were made of wood and resembled bicycles more than the modern motorcycle. But with an increase in power… Continue reading

“Project us into this thick Cloud of Unknowing”

Need an idea of what to do with those clunky books just taking up space now that you’ve got a Kindle? Well you could burn them. Or have “book fights.” Or you could… Continue reading

South Korea’s Disturbing Plans for Capital City Twin Towers

Plenty of blogs, tweets, and news sources are still buzzing about the death of Kim Jong Il, and what it means for the future of our country’s already fragile relations with North Korea.… Continue reading

Project: Perfect Holiday Gift for the Professional Audiophile

Every year the holiday season brings a shift in mental state, from taking stock of the things and people we’re thankful for to fretting about what gifts to buy them, and how long… Continue reading