With Every Happy Ending There is a New Happy Begining: Happy Hour Returns to Kansas

The Sunflower State has historically held some of the strictest alcohol provisions of any state in the union, but today marks a momentous occasion: the return of the Happy Hour. Banned in 1985 to curb drunk driving, a new law went into effect on Sunday, July 1st reinstating our beloved after-work pastime (and since Sunday is for the Lord, we celebrate today). Previously drink specials were an all-or-nothing deal: discounts had to be available all day or no discounts at all.

I may look and feel old, but I’ve only been drinking (legally) for about four years now. I never really noticed the ban, probably because Sonic, McDonalds, and Starbucks all have some form of “Happy Hour” tied to their non-alcoholic drinks and food. But Happy Hour is a part of the American lexicon—although nearly half of the states in America still have laws banning or restricting its practice. Happy Hour is celebrated in movies and TV shows, where good-looking friends convene at their neighborhood bar after putting a long hard day’s work in the sex factory, or “lawering up” some shit, or writing greeting cards—and oh my god they’re just like us!—young and beautiful, gathered together to share a half-priced apple-tini and just laugh and laugh and laugh about what a funny bitch Patty in accounting is…

Anyhow, your faithful Projector editors will be at Frank’s North Star Tavern this week, celebrating the return of something we never knew we lost (and tonight enjoying a special screening of Troll 2 to mark the occasion).

Drink on Ad Astranauts!

– C & P