Adwatch: Live Mas Edition

Have you lived mas today? Taco Bell’s new campaign, complete with the ridiculous slogan to “live mas” comes across as condescending, yet it’s hard to put your finger on just why. Could be the garbled Spanglish (at least “Yo quiro Taco Bell” was a functioning bit of language, plus cute dog). Could be the risible assumption that to live mas, i.e. live more, you gotta eat at TB, man (never mind the fact consuming said YUM Brand products leads to a prolonged visit to the toilet). Could be how obviously the ads target millennials—just like you and me! At least they didn’t have somebody bungee-jumping while eating a Chalupa.

But never mind all these peripheral hang-ups… One of the spots in the “Live Mas” campaign totally nails what Taco Bell represents to our generation. In summary: a young man comes home at an indecent hour, removes the contents of his pockets—keys, wallet, ticket stub, sunglasses, photo-booth strip with some girl, and finally a packet of fire sauce. Extrapolating on the idea of the “fourth meal,” this young man’s evening of gallivanting is told in succession of items laid out on his desk. It’s short, simple, and more importantly relatable. A story told in silent detail, the ad illustrates how Taco Bell features into your eventful night— and yet it never overreaches or oversells its message, which I think is why I respond to it so much.