Post-game Final Four Celebration on Mass St

While we here at Projector are hardly sportsmen or basketballers ourselves, we fall prey to March Madness just like everyone else.  We might not know a dunk from a duck, but even with our meager sports brains it’s hard not to be completely swept up by our team’s victories this weekend and advancing to the Final Four. When the Jayhawks won the 2008 National Championship the city of Lawrence exploded with revelers, turning downtown into an all-out celebration that covered Massachusetts Street with swarms of bodies, plastic cups, and beer-spray. After this weekend’s victory over the North Carolina Tarheels the fans once again spilled out into the streets. Within seconds of the buzzer there were already car-surfers and crowds of people high-fiving and popping up on the roofs of downtown businesses… So we present to you just a sample of the sights, with hopes of doing it all again after Saturday’s game in the Big Easy.

All photos by Chance Dibben