The Final KU-Missouri “Border War”

"Mad Men" star Jon Hamm and "SNL" castmember Jason Sudeikis are friends with divided loyalties.

There’s not enough time before the start of KU’s second to last game of the regular season for me to go too into length about just what an emotional win Saturday’s final “Border War” showdown against our rival school, Missouri was. But the above pic of bi-coastal midwesterners (and alums of each school) Jon Hamm and Jason Sudeikis sums it up pretty nicely. Thomas Robinson and Tyshawn Taylor turned in huge game-changing plays that allowed the Jayhawks to turnaround the Tigers’ 19-point lead in the second half and clinch the win in overtime. After a night of honking horns and running wild in the streets, fans look forward with anticipation to claiming our 8th-consecutive Big 12 conference championship. Meanwhile, Mizzou are leaving the conference, and can look forward to some brutal losses in SEC come football season. So in short… Eat it, Draper. Your tears taste like the finest bourbon.

Oh, and one more parting note: