A Farewell to Kodak and Kodachrome

Eastman Kodak Company announced today that they are phasing out their digital cameras, pocket video cameras, film, and digital picture frames effective in the first half of 2012. Long known as pioneers in the camera business, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in January 2012. Though they’re getting out of the camera and film business, Kodak still plans to focus on continuing production of its ink-jet printers, and providing their online Kodak Gallery and retail-based photo printing services.

– via PetaPixel // Laughing Squid

This news comes just a day after Laughing Squid posted “Kodachrome 2o1o”, a short ten-minute documentary by director Xander Robin about Kodak’s iconic Kodachrome color film, which was discontinued in 2010, after phasing out production of their 120mm, 8mm, 16mm and 35mm films over a 14 year period. The documentary focuses on Dwayne’s Photo located in Parsons, KS, the last film lab in the world to specialize in developing Kodachrome film.

Dwayne’s Photo ceased processing Kodachrome film after 2010, but continues to offer film processing, reprints, and photo restoration services.

You can read a thousand-word tribute to Kodachrome from the folks at Kodak here.

But we’ll leave you with a more light-hearted tribute to the popular film below…