365 Seconds, A Year Compressed

Time snippet/lapse videos are nothing new in the world of viral filmmaking, but Madeline Schitchel’s This is what Madeline did is a superb example of why the form can work so well. Stitching together personal scenes from every day of 2011, Schithel’s piece is an exburent celebration of the beautiful and mundane. Clips show parties, plane rides, going to the movies, dressing up, dressing down, laughter, crying, rain on windshield, paintings, rum and cokes, dance-offs, driving down the highway—you know, the shit that makes up life, man. Okay, so this girl is clearly gunning for a production job—these days viral videos are this generation’s calling cards—but the short film is full of intimate moments that make you feel like one of Schitchel’s friends. Schitchel’s eye for detail, choice of shots, and excellent match-cut editing give the piece a stunning rhythm. Here is the perfect document of one young creative’s life, an accomplished mix of visuals and personality.

–Via Gizmodo