Adwatch: Taking that Sheet All the Way to the Bank

Here’s a brilliant-dumb ad campaign we somehow missed in the past year. The product: dissolving energy strips (because who needs to chew or drink anything anymore?). The pitch: a clever play on the product’s name, Sheets Energy. The commercial: people of all kinds of professional stripes– librarian, plumber, biker, airline pilot—talking about where and when they take a sheet.“I take a sheet right in the cockpit.”



Normally associating your product with shit is bad thing, but the Sheets Energy campaign is more than just a hilarious vulgar pun. It connects the working man and woman with their inner Sancho Panza, if you will– the physical, earthy material that we all are. The Pope does it. The President does it. Pilots do it and so do librarians. In this instance taking a sheet is associated with the positive aspects of taking a shit, which is a necessity to get on with your day and business, and, oftentimes, three to five minutes of silence and bodily bliss. And thus, Sheets Energy supposes that taking a sheet is a practical method of getting on to more important things.

And now, here’s someone who takes his sheets/shits seriously: