The Year in Review: 2011’s Best Humor Writing

Who doesn’t like a good laugh? While we try to avoid “re-blogging” here at Projector, there’s no better authority on the world of comedy in television, stand-up, and written words than the good folks over at SplitSider. So before we conclude our look back at 2011, allow us to direct you to their excellent and comprehensive list of the year’s best humor writing. The surprisingly high-brow selection includes stand-out contributions to McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, a Woody Allen rant on money for The New Yorker‘s “Shouts & Murmurs” section, as well as selections from GQ, Vice, the Onion, the Awl, Bygone Bureau (one of our favorite blogs), and even a select few of SplitSider’s own pieces.

Here are a few more year-end lists that caught our attention:

Longread’s Best Long-form Stories of 2011

The Bygone Bureau’s Best New Blogs of 2011

The New York Times’ Notable Op-Ed Art of 2011