Abandoned Joy and Ghost Towns of Future Past

The below video, titled “No Joy” by Mike Petty, began making rounds on the blogosphere several months ago, but hits especially close to home for us. The short film shows stark moving images of the abandoned Wichita, Kansas amusement park Joyland, which closed its gates in 2003, after 55 years of operation.  These close-ups of Joyland’s empty attractions (which include the largest intact wooden roller coaster in North America and game booths similar to those in Greg Mottola’s film Adventureland) are scored by the distant crowd noises of visitors past, which fade over the wistful strings and organ of “The Big Top” by Michael Penn and Patrick Warren (off the Boogie Nights soundtrack).


Similarly striking images of derelict wonder can be found in these photos of an abandoned futuristic “Pod City” in Taiwan. These structures, constructed in 1978 in the Sanzhi District of New Taipei City, were originally intended as a vacation resort marketed towards U.S. military officers coming from their East Asian postings. But the project was abandoned just two years later due to investment losses, and the site remained uninhabited until it was finally demolished in 2008.

Photos by Flickr user Cypherone / via Retronaut. View more below, after the jump.