Monthly Archive: December, 2011

The Year in Music: Reissues, Compilations and Unreleased Masterpieces

Although labels have been releasing big box reissues of albums for years, it certainly felt like 2011 was the year of super deluxe packages aimed at the solvent music lover. Partly this has… Continue reading

The Year in Music: Our Favorite Albums of 2011

1. Panda Bear – Tomboy Teased out for the better part of a year and a half, Panda Bear’s follow-up to indie-lodestone Person Pitch, Tomboy is probably the best album of the year… Continue reading

The Year in Film: Our Favorite Movies of 2011

This was yet another year with some of the most-anticipated films crammed into its final months, keeping them fresh in memory for the coming award-season. For this reason, we didn’t manage to see… Continue reading

“Project us into this thick Cloud of Unknowing”

Need an idea of what to do with those clunky books just taking up space now that you’ve got a Kindle? Well you could burn them. Or have “book fights.” Or you could… Continue reading

Pay it Backward–The Yakuza (1974)

“A Man Never Forgets. A Man Pays His Debts.” The Yakuza –Tagline An action film of uncommon sensitivity, The Yakuza is all about upholding a code of honor and responsibility. As mentioned in… Continue reading

Cloud Waves in the Crimson Tide

The tsunami-wave-shaped clouds pictured above appeared in the sky over Birmingham, Alabama early last Friday morning. This phenomenon of cumulus crests surging forward in slow-motion is a rare occurrence, caused by the same… Continue reading

Harry Everett Smith: Jack of Odd Trades

Born in Portland, Oregon, Harry Everett Smith (1923 – 1991) was an American archivist, ethnomusicologist, student of anthropology, record collector, experimental filmmaker, artist, and one of the most famous bohemian mystics of his… Continue reading

South Korea’s Disturbing Plans for Capital City Twin Towers

Plenty of blogs, tweets, and news sources are still buzzing about the death of Kim Jong Il, and what it means for the future of our country’s already fragile relations with North Korea.… Continue reading

Is This What I Get For Loving You?

Imagine having a hit record during the height of the 1960’s. Then imagine that hit record allows you to travel with the Beatles on their first American tour. Now imagine your producer/partner (Phil… Continue reading

Abandoned Joy and Ghost Towns of Future Past

The below video, titled “No Joy” by Mike Petty, began making rounds on the blogosphere several months ago, but hits especially close to home for us. The short film shows stark moving images… Continue reading